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Bakersfield Domestic Violence Felony Criminal Defense Attorney

Have You Been Charged with a Domestic Violence Felony?

Unfortunately, there are many arrests made on domestic abuse charges that have been reported falsely. A malicious spouse or significant other makes an accusation out of bitterness or anger, and then you suddenly find yourself in need of a domestic violence attorney in Bakersfield. Don’t think that you have to live with a false claim hanging over your head! Seek representation immediately.

Our team of lawyers will approach your case with the goal of challenging the accusations. They will perform a pre-trial investigation into the circumstances of the relationship and the incident in question to provide you with a solid defense against the erroneous claim.

We will provide you and your case with the care and attention that has led us to successfully defend against charges just like yours. Our dedicated domestic violence lawyers in Bakersfield will give you the dedicated attention and personalized representation you need.

It is always frightening and disheartening to be accused of domestic violence, and that is why our attorneys will fight for you! We will fight to protect your reputation, your freedom, and your livelihood. Contact our office today to discuss your case with one of our domestic violence attorneys today.