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Bakersfield Fraud Conviction Felony Criminal Defense Attorney

What is Fraud?

Fraud is a crime in which facts are intentionally misrepresented with the intent to deceive in order for some sort of value, usually, it is a financial one, to be gained. There are many different types of fraud like credit card, Medicaid, or even mail fraud. Also, things like Ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes can also be considered fraud.

A fraud case is extremely complex, and it should be handled by a fraud criminal defense attorney. Our Bakersfield attorneys specialize in fraud cases at both the state and federal level. We can help you build a strong defense with our expertise which is why you should call us immediately if you are faced with fraud charges.

The penalties for fraud usually include a substantial amount of fines, and those convicted usually see some sort of jail time either in the county jail or a low-security prison. In addition to those punishments, it is not uncommon for assets to be seized and professional licenses to be revoked. These dire consequences make it absolutely imperative that you contact a fraud criminal defense lawyer in Bakersfield to handle your case.

If you have been charged with fraud, seek legal counsel immediately. Early intervention can mean the difference in keeping your freedom and your assets.