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Bakersfield Solicitation Misdemeanor Attorney

Our office has many experienced attorneys with expertise in defending clients that have been charged with solicitation. Sexually related offenses are often very complicated cases that can carry fairly serious penalties which is why it is a good idea to seek the advice of counsel from one of our solicitation misdemeanor attorneys.

What is Solicitation?

A person is usually charged with solicitation if they are caught attempting to pay for or attempting to negotiate payment to engage in sexual acts with a prostitute. The penalties for solicitation of prostitution can range from fines to probation, and they can also include community service or even jail time. The police may even attempt to ensnare people by setting up prostitution stings.

Being convicted of a sexually related crime can forever change your life. Let one of our passionate and dedicated solicitation misdemeanor lawyers protect your rights. We will aggressively defend you and work to provide you with a solid defensive case. We will also work to make sure that you completely understand all of the challenges that you may possibly face due to the charges against you. Contact our office to discuss your charges and get a case evaluation from one of our solicitation misdemeanor attorneys.