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Bakersfield Felony Conviction Criminal Defense Attorney

Our Felony Conviction Criminal Defense Attorneys Are Here for You in Bakersfield!

We have one goal when it comes to being your felony criminal defense attorney in Bakersfield, and that is to achieve the best feasible outcome for you and your case. Whether we need to negotiate for a minimum sentence or negotiate for a dismissal, our lawyers will be on your side and fighting for your rights. In some cases, we can even get the charges dropped altogether or obtain an acquittal for you at the trial.

Our success rate comes from our diligent preparation and attention to the details of each and every case. Our felony conviction criminal defense lawyers understand local Bakersfield laws and those made at the state and federal level. This deep understanding has led to a success rate for our clients. We will aggressively advocate for your rights!

If you are in need of a felony criminal defense lawyer in the Bakersfield area, look no further. You can be sure that you will have an experienced lawyer that is passionate about fighting for a favorable outcome to your case. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your case or charges, we promise to be here for you when you need us most.