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Bakersfield Theft Tool Misdemeanor Attorney

Did You Know That You Could Be Charged With a Crime Just Because You Possess Tools That Can Be Used to Commit a Burglary?

A person can be charged with a crime for possessing burglary tools or theft tools. These tools refer to items that can be used to enter a building or a vehicle illegally. For example, theft tools can include a crowbar, a master key, a picklock, or even a simple pair of pliers. Any tool or device that could be used for breaking and entering would count as a crime.

While it is obviously not illegal to own a pair of pliers, if the prosecutor can prove that the pliers were on your person with the intent of using them to break into a vehicle or a building, you can find that charges will be pressed against you. It is necessary to seek out the help of a skilled theft tool misdemeanor attorney to help protect your rights.

The penalties vary for charges of unlawful possession of theft tools, but they can include probation, fines, and even time in the county jail. Your theft tool misdemeanor lawyer will work to build a defense case for you. Let one of our dedicated lawyers give your case the attention that it needs to protect your freedom and your rights.