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Bakersfield Vandalism Misdemeanor Attorney

Have You Been Arrested for Vandalism?

Destruction of property, tagging, and graffiti are all descriptions of vandalism, and it can be a very serious charge that can even have you winding up serving jail time. The definition of vandalism states the intentional destruction of property and is usually charged as a misdemeanor unless the property damage is over $500.

If you find yourself facing vandalism charges, it is important that you contact our office and seek the counsel of a vandalism attorney here in Bakersfield. We have experienced attorneys that have helped oversee cases just like yours, and we understand the fine points and nuances of defending these types of charges.

Special consideration will be made by the prosecutors if they suspect any of the involved vandalism was committed by or for gang members, and your vandalism charges could be increased to gang-related charges. Having a vandalism lawyer in Bakersfield on your side will help protect you from being charged with additional crimes. It is important that you remember the need for an advocate that is on your side and can help you navigate the often confusing legal process. Our knowledgeable lawyers will work hard to resolve your case favorably.