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Bakersfield Expungement Attorney

Are You Looking to Clean Your Up Your Criminal Record?

Under a few specific circumstances, you may be able to erase your previous convictions from your record. The process is called expunction or expungement, and it can be just the thing you need to get rid of items on your criminal record. Some of the types of charges that may be eligible for the clean up are

  • Misdemeanor Alcohol Convictions
  • Misdemeanor Drug Possession Charges
  • Dismissed Charges

There are many different types of charges that a qualified expungement attorney in Bakersfield may be able to help “clean” from your record. Your past criminal record doesn’t have to hold you back, call to discuss your case with one of our lawyer’s today.

Having to tick the yes-box on a job application when it asks if you have been convicted of a crime can hold you back from getting the job that you desire. Plus, having a criminal record can also be a problem when applying for student loans. Don’t suffer unnecessarily! See what our dedicated expungement lawyers in Bakersfield can do for you.

While there are many different types of charges that can be removed from your record, there is a lot that cannot. However, our expungement attorneys will be happy to discuss your criminal record and inform you of what can and cannot be removed.