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Certificate of Rehabilitation

If you were previously convicted of a crime, and you are ready to close the door and move on with your life, you may be eligible for a certificate of rehabilitation. In many cases, your cleansed record can restore some of your rights and lead to a better life post-conviction.

If you are seeking expungements for certificate of rehabilitation in Bakersfield, contact our office. Our dedicated and knowledgeable attorneys are well-versed in expungements, and we can help you obtain the desired results you are seeking.

Who is Eligible for a Certificate of Rehabilitation?

A felon that has completed all the terms of his or her parole or probation are eligible to make a petition. You will be required to show that you have met all the requirements, that you are honest, law-abiding, and that you are now demonstrating good moral character. Generally, you will need to have a “period of rehabilitation” lasting at least seven years for your petition to be considered.

If you think that you may match the above criteria and are ready to turn over a new leaf, contact our office for a consultation with our expert lawyers. We are ready to help you obtain expungements for certificate of rehabilitation so that you can get your life back.